protecting the behavioral health of those who protect us.

When your passion is serving others, it’s easy to forget about yourself. That’s where we come in. We are passionate about protecting the first-responders who protect us. We help you assess the mental health of your team, so you can better serve them, and they can do what they do best: serve others.

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Our assessments and scoring systems were developed by top psychologists, health care professionals and systems engineers, with decades of experience working with personnel in high-stress positions. Our formulas weigh each question individually, based on lifestyle factors, situational factors and non-modifiable risk factors, to ensure you get accurate results. Our assessments are specifically tailored to first-responders and the unique challenges they face.

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unmatched in the industry

We developed our assessments using evidence-based medicine and validated standardized testing to provide the data you need to gauge where your organization is succeeding and where it needs help. The assessments evaluate the behavioral health of your individuals as well as your organization as a whole.

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Our goal: improve behavioral health, reduce suffering, create dialogue and be a catalyst for change within your organization. Together, we can improve the lives of those serving on America’s front line.

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Men and women who constantly brave traumatic events are at risk for behavioral health issues, affecting both their private and professional lives. Contact us to get started detecting and mitigating these issues, so you can better serve those who serve us.