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Accurately assessing and maintaining your psychological and behavioral health is just as important as accurately assessing and maintaining your physical health. In fact, we know that your psychological and behavioral health is intimately connected to your overall physical health and well-being and that the two often affect each other. The following questions are designed to provide a comprehensive and accurate measurement of your psychological and behavioral health and overall well-being over the past year. After completing this assessment, you will be provided with a comprehensive summary of your results including recommendations and resources to help you address any areas of concern you may be experiencing and reinforce the strengths that you already have. You may choose to share this comprehensive summary with anyone you choose, including your significant other and/or medical or psychological provider, but only you will have access to this report. Please answer each of the questions honestly, so that we can provide you with the most accurate and relevant feedback possible.

Please note that if your department has identified a medical or psychological provider to review this information with you, this provider will receive only a summary document identifying potential areas of discussion for their conversation with you (for example, chronic sleep difficulty or recent depression) so that they can help ensure that you have access to the treatments and resources that you deserve. They will not have access to your comprehensive summary unless you choose to provide it to them.

Your department and local association leadership will only receive a summary of the aggregate data based on all of the members in your department, and will not have access to your or any other individual's responses. They will be able to use this aggregate data to identify trends in your department's overall psychological and behavioral health as well as compare your department to the functioning of other departments in general. It is our hope that your department and local association leadership will be able to use this information to improve education, training, resources, and treatment for psychological and behavioral health conditions for all of the members of your department.

Finally, the information that you provide will be added to a database with other first responders from across the United States and Canada and used by Front Line Behavioral Health to help our partners identify important trends in the psychological and behavioral health functioning of first responders. Your honest answers will not only allow this program to help you improve your own well-being, it will also help other first responders improve theirs.

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